This is perfect. True she scared me a few night ago but I just have to be aware she wasn’t ready for this serious of a relationship. I love when I hole her hand or she lean her head on me or like tonight when she curled up on me and fell asleep. It might be weird to say but I could picture her and I doing that for the rest of our lives. The hardest thing for me to deal with is trust. It kills me to know other guys tried to get up on her at the dance. It’s tough to shake this mentality that she is mine. She’s not mine. She’s Gods. I just like her so much! I can’t wait to give her the tickets. She’s going to flip out! Just crossing my fingers it all works out

That feeling is amazing. The face you made when I told you I was into you… The face you made when you told me you felt the same way…. It’s gold to my eyes. It makes me feel like a million dollars and I wish I could capture it forever. I don’t know where this relationship will build to and where it will go but if I get to spend time with you than it is worth it. Crazy to think I have met such a perfect girl and I’m only 4 weeks in a Azusa. Doesn’t mean she is the one but I’m not going to say she couldn’t be. I just hope she doesn’t hurt me like all the other ones have. And I hope she doesn’t find out until she is ready. A good night. 9-25-2014

I have never ever felt this way about somebody. She is perfect. I’m attracted to her physically a ridiculous amount. I adore her personality, her sense of humor, her smile. I literally want to spend all my time with her. And the crazy thing is I think she feels this way back. I think she might actually like me. It’s so hard for me to believe though. I just want a healthy relationship that will last. She is perfect for me but I don’t know where to go with it. Should I tell her I like her? Or is it too soon? Should I tell her at all? And how will people back home feel…. I hate having ties. I just want to be free and pursue my heart. Lord help me find the correct path. Guess I should sleep

It’s like I know the things we do and wrong and I have this feeling I am wronging you, but I am still drawn to you. I am completely entranced by you beauty and all I want sometimes is to be with you. I’m so conflicted some times it clouds my thoughts. I just want a path out.

I go to a camp where I am doing good things for these awesome junior high kids and I have only been gone 3 days. Yet you already have a new guy. I don’t know if I should be upset or silently relieved.